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MI x HSU ESG Award 2024
灼見名家 X恒生大學ESG大獎2024

Cat: A3 ESG Leadership


Chairman / CEO of any firms listed on the HKEx or eligible non-listed firms.

*If the applicants want to revise the form, please resubmit a new form. A maximum of three submissions (i.e. two additional re-submissions) per category is allowed.

**For non-listed firms:

  • Nomination by Master Insight is required to apply for pillar-specific award. Please contact sales team at Master Insight (Tel: 2818 3638).

  • Non-listed firm criteria for entrance: a)Revenue: HKD1 billion     b) Headquartered in Hong Kong

Application deadline: May 20, 2024 (Mon)

Application procedures

  1. Complete the General Application Form (For listed firm, please click here; for non-listed firm, please click here).

  2. The ESG Award Secretariat will send an email with the link to the Excellent Global payment gateway to the contact person proposed in the General Application Form within two working days. A non-refundable deposit of HKD 1,000 for each entry (screen capture of payment acknowledgement or deposit slip required as proof) is required to proceed with the full application through our online system. The deposit payment will be applied to the total application fee after your application is complete.

  3. After the deposit payment is confirmed, the secretariat will send an email to the contact person proposed in the General Application Form with the link and assigned security code to fill the online application form for each specific award category.

  4. Fill the form using the assigned security code and all required information with supporting documents when appropriate.

  5. After the form is completed, each entry must be accompanied by an application fee. The entry will not be formally evaluated without a proof of total payment receipt. Payment methods: a) Cheque deposit payable to: 灼見名家傳媒有限公司 or Master Insight Media Limited; b) FPS transfer to FPS ID: 166176610 or c) Bank transfer to account HSBC: 023-209240-838. Please email the proof of payment (copy of bank-in slip/e-receipt/etc.) to Master Insight ( for record, otherwise the entry will not be formally evaluated.

  6. For the details of the application fee for each award category and entry, please contact the Master Insight sales team (Tel: 2818 3638).

Information & document submission

Information and document submission
(A3 ESG Leadership)


On a score of 0-10

  • ESG achievement initiated at Board level/ Executive Committee in terms of strategies and policies

  • Mobilizing financial and physical resources in a quantifiable manner

  • Significant individual public exposure to demonstrate ESG advocacy (public events, media exposure, etc.

  • Other significant evidence

Support of self-assessment

Provide up to three examples (with dollar amount in "mobilizing financial and physical resources") in point forms or a short paragraph to support the self-assessments for the above criteria within 4000 characters with spaces.

Supporting documents (if any)

Merge all files in one document, Word or PDF format, Max. 10MB.

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