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MI x HSU ESG Award 2024
灼見名家 X恒生大學ESG大獎2024


2024 ESG大獎常見問題 (English version at the end):


Q1. 如何獲取關於該獎項的最新資訊?

可以訪問大獎網站 (。該網站涵蓋所有你們需要知悉的關於灼見名家 X恒生大學ESG大獎2024的詳細資訊,包括宣傳影片、參賽要求、申請程序、評審標準等。


Q2. 如何找到每個獎項更詳細的内容指引?

請訪問大獎網站的内容指引頁 (,該頁面設有下拉選單以查看每個獎項類別的詳細指引。


Q3. 如何確認應該申請的獎項類別?

  • 若貴公司為大獎網站中iScore列表中的上市公司 (於此網頁查閲合資格iScore公司列表:,你們可考慮申請A1-ESG典範大獎;

  • 若貴公司(上市或非上市)的首席執行官或董事長展示出卓越的ESG領導能力,請考慮申請A3-ESG卓越領導獎;

  • 若貴公司(限上市公司)的投資者關係/企業傳訊團隊在媒體傳訊方面表現出色 (於此頁面查閲合資格媒體報道列表,請考慮申請A4-ESG企業傳訊獎;

  • 若貴公司實踐ESG的時日尚少,請考慮申請A2-ESG披露獎(限上市公司)或B-ES項目獎(上市或非上市公司均可申請)。


Q4.  一般申請表及獎項申請表中的「重新提交」(re-submission) 是甚麼?

「重新提交」與上一年的獎項申請無關。 如果你需要修改表格(例如:更改聯絡人、更正資料),你可以重新提交新表格並選擇「重新提交」。 請注意,每個獎項申請最多允許提交三份(即另外兩次重新提交)。

Q5. 提交一般申請表 (general form) 後的下一步是什麽?

大獎技術支持團隊將與你們聯繫,並要求通過網關支付 1,000港幣(不可退還)按金(需提供付款確認單或按金收據的螢幕截圖作為證明)。

Q6. 支付1,000港幣誠意金並收到ESG技術支持團隊發送的獎項連結後,如何繼續進行申請?


Q7. 何時以及如何支付全部申請費用?



Q8. 如何增加獲獎機會?

  • 確保貴公司的卓越表現領域與申請獎項相符合。

  • 對於A2-ESG披露獎, A4-ESG企業傳訊獎及B-ES項目獎,評審標準將更加靈活,並更注重所提交的信息/文件是否能支持你們的主張。

2024 ESG Award FAQs


Q1. Where do we find out the most updated information about the award?

We highly recommend you go to our award website ( The website contains all detailed information you would need to know about the MI x HSU ESG Award 2024, including promotional video, entry requirement, application procedure, judging criteria, etc.


Q2. How can we find our more detailed guideline for each category of the award?

Please go to Guideline Page of the award website (, there is a dropdown list where you can see detailed guideline for each specific award category.


Q3. How do we determine which category we should apply to?

  • For listed firms in the iScore List listed in our website (see iScore list table on, you should consider A1-ESG Grand Award;

  • If your company (either listed or non-listed) demonstrates significant ESG Leadership by the CEO or Chairman, please consider A3-ESG Leadership Award;

  • If your company (listed only) has done a great job in media communication by IR/corporate communication team (see media coverage list on, please consider A4-ESG Communication Award;

  • For other firms those are beginners in the ESG journey, you should consider the A2-ESG Disclosure Award (listed only) or the B-Pillar Award for E/green pillar or S/social engagement pillar (either listed or non-listed).

Q4. What is "re-submission" in the general form and award application forms?

"Re-submission" has no bearing on the award application from previous years. If you need to revise the form (e.g. change contact person, correct information), you may re-submit a new form and select “re-submission”. Please note that a maximum of three submissions (i.e. two additional re-submissions) per entry is allowed.

Q5. After we submit the general form, what do we expect to happen next?

You will be reached out by the award technical support team for a payment gateway on the HKD1,000 non-refundable deposit (screen capture of payment acknowledgement required as proof).


Q6. How do we proceed after we paid the HKD1,000 and received the link for the specific award from ESG tech support team?

Please unlock the online form with an assigned security code and fill in required information about your firm’s ESG performance, where you are also allowed to submit supportive documentation, if any.


Q7. When & how do we pay for the full application fee?

After the form is completed, each entry must be accompanied by an application fee. The entry will not be formally evaluated without proof of total payment receipt. Of course, the HKD1,000 deposit will be subtracted from the total application fee amount.

Q8. What can we do to improve our chance of getting the award?

  • Make sure you match your company’s area of excellence with the award category.

  • For A2-ESG Disclosure Award, A4-ESG Communication Award, and B-Pillar Award, the assessment standard will be flexible, and more emphasis will be put on whether your submitted information/documents will support your claim.

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